Do you have discomfort or pain that limits you in your activities and hobbies? In your training? In your competitions?

The Kiné Pro Sport clinic is there for you!

We help athletes of all skill levels, whether you are an elite athlete or recreationally active. We are able to facilitate your return to activities of daily living, training, competition and of course, the pleasure of moving! | Our therapists use manual therapy through a wide range of expertise and work together to offer you an appropriate treatment plan that is adapted to your needs.

Our services in manual therapy!

Several approaches are available to help you solve your problem. Click for more information!

Can you treat me?

Many diverse sports injuries present themselves to us every day. At the bottom of the page you have access to a brief list of conditions that we meet frequently, click to learn more!

How can you help me?

We will perform a functional static and dynamic postural assessment to identify the cause of your problem. Afterwards, we will explain what could be done together, for the relief and the return to activities and sport.

We will develop a specific treatment plan by considering your entire body which will be adapted to your needs. This will decrease the intensity of your pain, all while improving your daily life and performance.

But why not complete rest? There are many alternatives to keep you moving and working out! Depending on your condition, your habits and your training planning, we will gradually guide you through the steps in order to be 100% recovered and ready to give your all.