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  • Minibands

    These bands provide continuous loop elastic bands using a system of progressive resistance depending on the colour being used.

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  • Lacrosse Ball

    Efficient for acupressure and auto-massage to help alleviate muscle tightness and pain. Very effective at working out muscle knots, increasing blood flow and flushing out muscle waste.

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  • Knee High TWIST Socks (Black/ Gray)

    The innovative “Twist” design of the EC3D compression socks is scientifically designed to stabilize your calf and shin muscles while maintaining their strength and efficiency during evn your most intense workouts. These sleeves improve circulation while reducing the risk of injury. In the foot we have the excclusive “Twist” design to our compression socks. This helps to correct pronation or…

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  • Decongesting Essential Oil (100% pure mix)

    This mixture of several 100% pure essential oils offers relaxation of muscle tension and effectively prepares the area for physical activity. The decongestant formula quickly reduces the sensation of muscle fatigue. The pains and tensions are thus resorbed in the body while promoting a feeling of absolute wellbeing. When it is used in a diffuser, its releases aromatic scents to…

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