Knee High TWIST Socks (Black/ Gray)


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The innovative “Twist” design of the EC3D compression socks is scientifically designed to stabilize your calf and shin muscles while maintaining their strength and efficiency during evn your most intense workouts. These sleeves improve circulation while reducing the risk of injury. In the foot we have the excclusive “Twist” design to our compression socks. This helps to correct pronation or supination of the foot (your stride and arch type). With a single twist in either direction, these socks help to correct the low or high arch of your foot and thus avoiding injury while allowing for more efficient movements. Once your activity is over and you are ready to go into recovery mode, pull the sock down to the bottom of your ankle, “twist” it outward (180 degree rotation) to then pull it back up. By reversing the compression (and color zones) from front to back and back to front, you will increase the compression by 5-10 mmHg from your ankle to your calf. This will help eliminate toxins and metabolic waste and thus decrease soreness and fatigue. Anatomical left and right foot designs are also provided for optimal fit for seamless, targeted compression zones adapted to your anatomy like a second skin. This optimizes your body’s biomechanics and protect you from ground impacts that can result in certain injuries like shin splints. Antimicrobial, 99.99% free of odour causing bacteria.

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