Athletic therapy is based on the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and concussions. It combines manual therapy techniques, a prescription of specific exercises and promotes functional movements in order to bring the person back to a competitive level as well as to their daily physical activities. Athletic therapists also specialize in assessing body movements to prevent injury. Our athletic therapists are all certified first aid responders and have compled a Bachelor’s degree and a rigorous exam including on-field and in-clinic practical training to be reconnized by the CATA (Canadian Athletic Therapy Association) . They are specialized to allow you a quick and safe return to play. With rapid and effective assessments in the field and in the clinic, as well as flexible restraint techniques (sports taping), combined with exercise prescriptions, they can optimize your sports performance.

Techniques used: myofascial release, soft tissue release, general massage, mobilizations, functional movement patterns, rehabilitation and strengthening exercises, mobilizations with movement, proprioceptive neural functional stretching, muscle energy techniques.

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