Bursitis is an inflammation of the serous bursa. The latter is a “pocket” filled with fluid located in a joint, more precisely between tendons and bones. They protect the them by facilitating sliding between structures.
The joint most commonly affected by bursitis is the shoulder. Other joints where bursitis may develop include elbows, knees, and hips. Bursitis can be acute or chronic. The chronic form is intermittent and each episode can last a few weeks or months.
This pathology is often confusing since it usually has the same causes and symptoms as tendonitis. The difference is usually seen in the presence of larger inflammatory signs, more diffuse pain and a decreased range of motion.
From trauma, injury, arthritis, overwork, poor posture or infection, bursitis can lead to shoulder capsulitis (frozen shoulder) if the shoulder is poorly assessed and treated.
Kiné Pro Sport therapists will perform specific tests, a palpatory examination and a mobility assessment to properly observe the movement restrictions caused by bursitis. Thus, they will be able to observe the postural and muscular compensations. Muscle relaxation will relieve the muscles. Specific mobilization techniques will be used to create space in the articulation and release the said bursa. Thereafter, your therapist will give you recommendations as well as rehabilitation and postural exercises to plan with you a return to your favorite daily activities without pain.

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