The injury that appears little by little, or a badly healed injury that lingers are good examples of chronic pain. The main symptom is persistent pain that usually appears during or after exercise. Chronic pain is the one that doesn’t leave you: it is prolonged over time, for several months or even years. Neglecting the initial symptoms can make it worse and greatly delay healing. Do not overlook this sign, as an untreated chronic injury will quickly get worse and may prevent you from functioning on a daily basis. The Kiné Pro Sport team of therapists will be able to perform a mobility assessment in order to observe your maximum range of motion and to observe the compensations. Advanced manual therapy techniques will be able to relieve and relax the muscle compensations and help gain mobility in order to decrease your pain permanently. Thereafter, your therapist will give you recommendations and rehabilitation exercises to improve your daily life and establish self-management. With an experienced team like ours we will use all our knowledge to help you get rid of your pain for good!

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