Offered by our Athletic Therapists and have continued their education in reconditioning for professional athletes, Kiné Pro Sport offers much more than a simple exercise program.

Have you had a recent injury? Or one that goes back years that still hasn’t gone back to 100%? Do you still feel like you’re missing strength? Do you want to perform better in your sport or simply just want to train from home while having access to a healthcare professional trained to help you? Here at Kiné Pro Sport, we offer you an individualized exercise prescription service to help you meet your goals.

Posture and Functional Movement Evaluation

An initial evaluation of your posture is documented.

Followed by a breakdown of basic functional movements, mobility and training movements to pinpoint your muscular weaknesses.

With these results, a personalized exercise program will be given to you. Each program has web access to our program to have videos of the proper prescribed movement. An in clinic follow-up appointment is also included to ensure proper form is being respected.

Furthermore, depending on your objectives, a third appointment will be offered to you within 2 months of receiving your program. This appointment allows our team to evaluate your progression and modify the program as needed.

Our sports therapists will be happy to help you reach new goals and answer all your questions by email or phone.