B.Sc, CAT(c), n.d, Thérapeute du sport agréée - Naturopathe - Ostéopathe (I.O.)

As a certified athletic therapist and graduate of Concordia’s exercise science program specializing in athletic therapy, Vanessa applies a wide variety of manual and exercise prescription therapies to rehabilitate injuries. Her specializations are assessment, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, secondary care and advanced emergency care. With her growing thirst for learning, Vanessa is currently studying to obtain a diploma in osteopathy. This allows her to effectively treat a wider range of injuries that athletes have.

As an active member of the Canadian Association of Athletic Therapists (CATA) and the Corporation des thérapeutes du sport du Québec (CTSQ), Vanessa has worked with several hockey, soccer, football, rugby and basketball teams.

At the clinical level and after several years in a pharmaceutical counter, Vanessa has acquired an in-depth knowledge of medical conditions as well as various treatment techniques. All of these techniques combined will allow you to increase your level of physical activity, expand your range of painless movement, and improve many aspects of daily life.