Analgesic Creams

Analgesic Creams

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  • Orthorub 100 ML

    OrthoRub+ is a dual action ointment producing an initial gentle warm sensation without irritating the skin. It then provides a wonderful cooling sensation due to it’s concentrations of menthol and eucalyptus to promote decongestion. OrthoRub+ temporarily relieves muscle and joint pain as well as soreness associated with one or more of the following conditions: back pain, contusions, strains/sprains (involving muscles,…

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  • Ehrlich Balm 50 ML

    Ehrlich Balm provides a soothing, persistent strong warmth for the relief of muscle and joint pain associated with back pain, strains, contusions, sprains, arthritic and rheumatic pain.

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  • MyoRub by Orthocure 45g

    A cream that is soft on the skin with no burning sensation. Contains Arnica – MSM – Boswellia – Vitamin E. When combined with the action of massage, the active ingredients contained in MyoRub+ help relieve muscle and joint pain/stiffness. The active ingredients significantly reduce the tension of sore muscles and the feeling of muscle fatigue.

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  • Epsom Gel

    Composed essentially of epsom salt, this cream contains all the benefits of high concentrations of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in addition to primarily relieving pain and inflammation of the muscles. It is proven to accelerate recovery, alleviate muscle cramps and also helps with sprains and people suffering from fibromyalgia. It also prolongs the effect of an epsom salt bath for…

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