Bandages, Tapes, and Accessories

Bandages, Tapes, and Accessories

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  • Elastic Bandages

    These elastic bandages will provide consistent support and even compression. All rolls are individually wrapped and come with 2 metal clips.

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  • Pro Wrap (Pre Wrap)

    A pre-taping foam placed under the taping to help protect skin from chafing. It can also be used to hold pads and socks in place, and is versatile enough to hold up sleeves and create knee tapings

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  • Hypafix

    Hypafix is an adhesive, non-woven fabric for dressing retention and tapings. It allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement while remaining comfortable to the desired taping and comfortable.

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  • Leukotape P

    Leukotape P is high strength, rigid, porous, tape ideal for rigid joint immobilization.

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  • K-Tape

    K- Tape manipulates the skin, muscles, and fascia to promote and improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, correct muscle/ joint function, improve fascia mobility and relieve pain.

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