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  • Wrist Sleeve

    The compressive sleeve relieves the wrist from tendonitis pain, muscular pain or inflammation/irritation of this area. Effective on both the right and the left wrist.

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  • Ankle Sleeve with Reinforced Sides

    Designed to restore mobility and improve performance. The EC3D SportsMed ankle braces with metal supports are anatomically designed from materials with low moisture absorption capacity. It provides therapeutic support and stimulates proprioception of joints in movement. Helps reduce inflammation and promotes the healing process. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, you will benefit from the quality, comfort and…

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  • Knee Compression Sleeve 3D Pro

    The 3D Pro Knee Compression sleeve strategically places areas of compression to stabilize the knee cap while supporting the knee joint itself to directly help recude the likelihood of injury.

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  • Shin Compression Sleeves 110% + Ice

    Ideal for the treatment of shin splints and calf pain, the Double Life Calf Sleeve provides muscle stability with a double layer of compression and pockets for applying ice directly to the shins and calves for maximum comfort, performance and recovery. Performance: increases endurance and performance. The compression stabilizes muscles, helps reduce vibration and optimizes blood flow. Recovery: Applying compression…

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  • Shoulder Stabilizer

    The shoulder stabilizer(s) is primarily designed to keep the shoulders in place and restrict movement during the rehabilitation period. Its strap system supports the shoulder and reduces pressure and tension on nerves, tendons and various muscles. Extracts moisture for dry comfort. Helps and supports mainly acromioclavicular subluxations and rotator cuff damage (infraspinatus and supraspinatus +) by partially limiting the front…

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