Kiné Pro Sport offers advanced assessment and management of mild cranio-cerebral disorders. Our program is tailored to each individual and each of their symptoms. Our therapists are up to date in their management protocol which allows them to adapt to the evolution of each individual.

Did you know?

Our CAT(c) certified athletic therapists are the number one health care professionals to treat and manage concussions in Canada? They have developed a detailed protocol to ensure that all individuals are less likely to reinjure and get rid of persistent symptoms while ensuring a safe return to play/sport/daily activity.

What happens during a session?

To start, we test the symptoms, completing a neurological and motor assessment of the individual.

Here are some examples of what is tested during an assessment:

  • Physical and mental capacity (e.g. ability to read and process information, physical tests at rest and during exercise, verification of the proprioceptive system)
  • Pupillary responses
  • Vestibulo-oculomotor response
  • Thorough cervical assessment

This in-depth process takes into account the effects of concussion on your body, your work or school life, sporting events and training habits, as well as your social life. Using this information, we then create a personalized rehab to make sure you are ready to resume your daily activities safely.

An important aspect of our job is injury prevention and although concussions cannot be avoided, we offer basic concussion assessments (baseline) even before you have a TBI. This provides us with the information necessary to ensure that the rehabilitation is suited to your cognitive, mental and physical level. This allows you to find your full potential more quickly and efficiently. (discount for sports team see page on sports event covers)

We also assess and prescribe exercises to help decrease symptoms that occur during whiplash and cervical instability. This program helps prevent neck injuries and provide information for all aspects of your life if any injuries do occur.

Do not hesitate to consult our therapists and/or communicate with our team if you have additional questions, we will be happy to guide you