Do you ever get minor dizziness when you get up? Have you consulted a doctor and the latter does not believe that it is a more complex health problem? Be aware that dizziness, vertigo and nausea are amongst the most common and often overlooked disorders in our society and that 45% of episodes are caused by a vestibular imbalance. Our therapists with advanced training to work effectively on your vestibulomotor system are able to help you completely eliminate your discomfort. Often, an imbalance of the neck, inner ear, jaw, cranial pressures can be the cause. Your therapist will first perform a thorough assessment of your vestibular and oculomotor systems, as well as your balance. Depending on your condition and your needs, your therapist can perform repositioning maneuvers and/or cervical mobilizations depending on the problem. Finally, they will teach you exercises adapted to your condition and give you advice to optimize the return to your daily activities.

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