There is evidence that in Canada, 80% of the population between the ages of 20 and 65 have or will experience episodes of back pain. Although painful, back problems are rarely the result of a serious condition and usually go away quickly. Unfortunately, back pain remains a recurring problem and is one of the main reasons for doctor visits. Most of the time, the majority of back problems are caused by aging, wear and tear, as well as bad posture. Muscle spasms, disc problems (hernias), pressure on the sciatic nerve, and special cases such as spinal stenosis or spondylolysis can create real pain and discomfort in the back. The back, which is a pillar for the human body, is the part of the body the most exposed to muscular tension. If the pain is not effectively treated, it can cause a specific and peripheral increase in pain or numbness of the arms or legs, as well as noticeable weakness in the arms and legs. The experienced therapists of the Kiné Pro Sport team will be able to evaluate your posture and your strengths and weaknesses that will allow you to properly target the cause of these pains. Thereafter, thanks to their extensive expertise in manual therapy, the Kiné Pro Sport team will relieve your pain by performing specific relaxation techniques on your tense muscles, all while working your articular mobility using specific manual mobilizations personalized to your case. Thereafter, your therapist will give you recommendations as well as small rehabilitation and postural exercises to improve your daily life and establish self-management.

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