These muscular attacks are very common in the sporting world but can happen to anyone. They are all the result of an excessive painful effort of the muscle. There are several degrees to each of these injuries, the most benign being only a superficial attack of the muscle and the most serious can go until the complete disinsertion of the muscle.


Direct blow received on a muscle in contraction phase. Muscle fibers can be damaged at varying depths. At most, the accident can amount to a tear.


Elongation occurs on a poorly heated muscle subjected too soon too fast or from a violent exertion. The muscle is not seriously damaged. There is no bleeding. It is simply overstretched.


The breakdown is at a higher shock level. Some muscle fibers are often ruptured and in more severe cases complete or partial disinsertion of the muscle is possible. The pain is sharp and immediate and mobilization is almost impossible.


A sprain is a stretch or tear of one or more ligaments (depending on the degree) of a joint. The most common joints for sprains are the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. The ligaments are responsible for the stability of the joint. Once the ligaments are stretched, the joint loses its proprioceptive abilities and a proprioception-based rehabilitation and muscle re-education will further assist the weakened joint.
The Kiné Pro Sport therapists are all certified first-responders and are used to intervene on such injuries. By intervening immediately on the field during impact, your therapist will be able to properly assess the injury and give you the procedure to follow and supervise you as effectively as possible. Once the minimum rest is respected, clinically, your therapist will work off the compensations and work on the affected muscle to help it regain its strength and initial stability.

During these injuries, the muscles weaken and are even more conducive to another episode if they are not strengthened. Using specific exercises, your therapist will be able to strengthen weak areas and promote a safe return to play.

Do not hesitate to consult our therapists and/or communicate with our team if you have additional questions, we will be happy to guide you