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  • Decongesting Essential Oil (100% pure mix)

    This mixture of several 100% pure essential oils offers relaxation of muscle tension and effectively prepares the area for physical activity. The decongestant formula quickly reduces the sensation of muscle fatigue. The pains and tensions are thus resorbed in the body while promoting a feeling of absolute wellbeing. When it is used in a diffuser, its releases aromatic scents to…

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  • Anti-Inflammatory & Energizing Blend

    This mixture “releases/activates” toxins, so it’s best to hydrate well before and after.  It is also proven to be effective when suffering from the flu. You may also add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath water to intensify the sweating out of toxins. If you do, we also recommend adding a tablespoon of oil of your choice…

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  • Decongestion & Relaxing Blend

    Our bath salts create a relaxation of the muscular tensions and prepare the musculature effectively for future physical activity thanks to its relaxing action. They also quickly reduce the feeling of muscular fatigue. The pains and tensions, thus resorbed, plunge the body and the spirit in a feeling of absolute wellbeing.  The judicious choice of quality essential oils also helps…

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  • Biosteel Shaker Bottles

    The perfect bottle for on the go – With a 24oz capacity, it allows for hydration at any moment!

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  • Biosteel Water Bottle

    Perfect for most sporting environments – Hold’s up to 800mL (27oz) of liquid!

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  • 315g Powdered Electrolytes

    An electrolyte is a mineral present in the human body that is excreted in sweat and urine. Exercise, physical or psychological stress, as well as certain diets can cause the body to lose a lot of electrolytes. This leads to many imbalances: cramps, generalized fatigue, but also cravings, those irrepressible urges to eat a particular food. Remember, the key to…

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  • OrthoMag +

    Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system. Any deficiency leads to a drop in performance and a decrease in the ability to recover. However, magnesium should not be considered as a miracle product that we must absolutely consume in quantity to feel better, but rather as a macro-element necessary for the normal functioning of our body,…

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  • Orthorub 100 ML

    OrthoRub+ is a dual action ointment producing an initial gentle warm sensation without irritating the skin. It then provides a wonderful cooling sensation due to it’s concentrations of menthol and eucalyptus to promote decongestion. OrthoRub+ temporarily relieves muscle and joint pain as well as soreness associated with one or more of the following conditions: back pain, contusions, strains/sprains (involving muscles,…

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