The jaw (or temporomandibular joint) is considered to be one of the most misunderstood joints in the body. Many people suffer from pain, clicking, pain in the inner ear, loss of mobility when opening or closing the mouth, headaches and joint problems. Others suffer from bruxism – the grinding of their teeth – when they are stressed or sleeping. All of these conditions can affect eating habits, food choice and general appetite. This type of pain affects women 4 times more than men and is caused by a wide variety of reasons; including stress, sleep, the position of the helmet during physical activities, as well as trauma such as jaw shock, dental work, concussions and whiplash. Although the reasons can be varied, this pain can be debilitating, endless, and lead to headaches, neck pain and an overall reduced quality of life.

At Kiné Pro Sport, our goal is to improve the integrity of the capsule, ligaments and meniscus of the joint. This joint is essentially composed of 2 bones, a meniscus and many muscles that connect pain in the jaw to the head, neck, chest, ears and mouth. By breaking down the combination of rolling and sliding movements that occur in the jaw, we can use manual therapy, cranial therapy and exercise prescription to bring it back to an optimal state. During your treatment, your therapist will also analyze several areas of your daily life to provide you with advice and exercises to improve and accelerate the healing process of your jaw.

Do not hesitate to consult our therapists and/or communicate with our team if you have additional questions, we will be happy to guide you