Pressotherapy is a therapeutic method that activates blood and lymphatic circulation. By giving the circulatory system an extra boost, we increase the waste elimination capacity and fight against the accumulation of toxins through drainage.  Pressotherapy helps to eliminate aches and pains, edema, heavy legs, swelling and the feeling of fatigue. It also prevents varicose veins and helps the appearance of cellulite.

What does a session consist of?

Pressotherapy is similar to a massage technique called lymphatic drainage. Instead of being performed with the hands, pressure is applied from the bottom to the top with a specialized device.  The targeted areas are either the legs (boots and leg sleeves), the abdomen (abdominal belt) or the arms (sleeves). The chosen area is then connected to an air compressor that inflates each area one by one at regular intervals, with a constant and sustained pressure.  

A pressotherapy session lasts from 20 to 30 minutes.

The person lies down or in a zero gravity position on a massage table. A member of our team puts on the boots and/or sleeves and/or belt, then sets the rate of compression and decompression on the machine, depending on the person and the desired effect. 

From the very first session, pressotherapy provides a feeling of well-being at the circulatory and physical levels. The more frequent the sessions, the better the health and silhouette improvements.

Duration: 30 min

Price:        $30

Package available with the purchase of 5 sessions or more.


Pressotherapy has a few contraindications: untreated hypertension, presence of tumors or abscesses, renal insufficiency, severe cardiac problems, venous thrombosis and severe thrombophlebitis.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to tell you if pressotherapy can help you.