Étudiante en Kinésiologie

Lisa is a third-year kinesiology student at McGill University who has a
passion for health, fitness, and wellness. Her love for helping others
and positively impacting their life combined with her interest in the
science of how the body works, is the motivation for Lisa studying
As a student in kinesiology, Lisa leverages knowledge in anatomy,
physiology, nutrition, wellness, exercise, health psychology, sport
psychology, and biomechanics. She adores applying all that she has
learned in class to ensure that any physical activity – whether done by
herself or by others – is done in the most positive, safe, and effective
way possible.
Lisa has always loved being active and has over ten years of experience
in soccer and ballet. She also participated in karate/kickboxing. Lisa
also has thorough knowledge in pilates, weightlifting and HIIT courses.
Lisa also has experience as an instructor at McGill Sports Camp, where
she functioned as a high-energy, respectable role model leading kid
through six different sports a day, including soccer, rugby, lacrosse,
ball hockey, yoga, dance, swimming, badminton, baseball, handball, track
and field, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.
Lisa is a student member of the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation and has
completed her Emergency First Aid & Level C CPR/AED with SecourismeRCR
Quebec. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!