Fondatrice et Présidente Kiné Pro Sport inc. B.Sc, RMT, N.D - Masso-Kinésithérapeute du sport - Naturopathe

Sabrina is the founder and President of the Kiné Pro Sport inc..

Specializing in prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation following a musculoskeletal injury, all combined with effective massage techniques, she offers you a personalized service well suited to the specific needs of your body. Passionate about anatomy and an understanding of the human body, Sabrina trained at Concordia University in exercise science with a specialization in athletic therapy after spending 13 years in high performance classical dance.

Certified massage therapist since 2010 (member of the FQM), she is also a member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN). Her understanding of human anatomy and physiology and her years of training allowed her to be an author and a teacher in several Montreal health care schools.

Determined to acquire more knowledge, she completed a specialization at the Kiné-Concept Institute: sports massage and massage kinesitherapy.

Always in the desire to help and serve her customers, she accumulates various expertise in the field and has more than 2,500 hours of training to her credit:

• Swedish massage
• Deep tissue massage level 1-2
• Masso-kinesitherapy
• Sports massage
• Structural myofascial therapy (S.M.T.)
• Postural improvement
• Certification of international k-taping
• Cupping massage
• Fasciatherapy
• Cranial and visceral therapy
• First sports responder and was previously an instructor for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
• Concussion management

Sabrina participated as a sports therapist on several events; hockey, swimming, rugby, water polo, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, triathlon, IRONMAN and many others. She now manages the Kiné Pro Sport team, ensuring that her team meets high standards and is ready to coach you as best as possible.