The use of aromatic plants has evolved over the centuries and is now supported by  many scientific studies showing their effectiveness. Aromatherapy is a form of odoured therapy that uses the properties of aromatic essences extracted from various parts of the plant (flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, fruit, wood, etc.), to provide therapeutic benefits. An essential oil is a highly concentrated liquid extracted from a plant and obtained by steam distillation, mechanical extraction or dry distillation depending on the plant and oil properties.  The quality of the distillation plays an important role in the composition of the essential oil as it is important to ensure it is 100% pure oil to have a therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils for prevention, treatment and health maintenance and are recognized for their virtues and various therapeutic uses. Their uses are varied and plentiful.

There are many ways to benefit from essential oils and their natural properties. Since they contain very powerful aromatic extracts, essential oils must be used in accordance with certain safety rules in order to take full advantage of their therapeutic effects. Essential oils can be used by inhalation (diffusion in air), by topical skin application (bath, massage, ball applicator) and also internally (mixed with food and beverages). The use of essential oils is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, infants,  children under the age of 7, those who have a hypersensitive system, those with epilepsy, those suffering from hypertension or those with hormone-dependent cancer. It is important to always consult a professional to find out if you are at risk of using certain products.

Here are the various methods we use aromatherapy at our clinic:

  • n each treatment room, a diffuser is present to disinfect, deodorize and naturally perfume the air. This helps prevent microbial diseases and get rid of pathogenic germs to strengthen the immune system. In addition, their scent helps relax the atmosphere and help your body to relax further during your care. When inhaled, they can help clear the respiratory tract and are known for their expectorant and purifying qualities. They can also relieve stress, nervousness, and help fight insomnia.
  • When applied locally, they are powerful analgesics: migraines, aches, cramps, muscular soreness, rheumatism, skin problems, etc. They also stimulate blood circulation to clear the toxins caught causing the discomfort. We offer ballpoint applicators designed specifically for certain problems such as for headaches, jaw pain, stomach aches, difficulty or improvement of breathing as well as to improve your energy level/focus in order to prepare you for physical or mental activity. We also offer a variety of analgesic creams that can be applied locally and topically to the painful area.  Ask us for more information on our various creams and oil ball-tipped applicators. 
  • The relaxing properties of bath salts are enhanced when combined with essential oils, especially when the essential oils are specifically chosen for their medicinal properties. A well-chosen bath salt is much more than one of relaxation. Ask us about our bath salts as they are designed and developed to help you by our therapists/naturopaths.

We offer several products based on essential oils that will improve your daily life. Talk to your therapist about them today!

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