Please note that the following procedure is based on the recommendations of INSPQ, CNESST and the professional associations that our therapists are members of. Modifications can be made to these procedures if new information is published by Public Health. 

Before your appointment:

  • Be sure you have NO SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 (fever > 38°C, recent cough or chronic cough that has been exacerbated, difficulty breathing, loss of smell without nasal congestion, loss of taste, muscular pains, headaches, intense fatigue, loss of appetite, sore throat, diarrhea). If you have any of these symptomes, cancel your appointment immediately free of charge. If possible, we will reschedule your appointment to another date. 

We are not authorized to treat anyone who:

  • Who has travelled outside the country in the last 14 days. 
  • Who is waiting for the results of  a COVID-19 test or has received a positive test result in the last 14 days. If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or is suspected of being positive in the last 14 days. 
  • If you have one of the following factors putting you at higher risk:
    • If you are immunosuppressed
    • If you have a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, cardiac problems, respiratory illness or renal disease; 
    • If you are aged 70 or older; 

If anything changes between the time you filled out the following conditions to take your appointment and the actual date of the appointment, please inform your therapist as quickly as possible and your appointment will be cancelled free of charge. At that time, we suggest a video consultation as a hiatus until  you are confirmed negative. 

These rules also apply to your therapist. If your therapist presents with symptoms of COVID-19 or responds to the following criteria, the appointment will be cancelled and put to an alternative date. 

Before arriving to the clinic:

  • You cannot come accompanied. Only one person will be admitted into the clinic. 
  • Thank you for ringing the doorbell when you arrive – this will indicate to your therapist that you have arrived. 
  • The waiting room is closed. Please wait outside while maintaining a 2 meter distance from others. 
  • The therapist will come get you when they are ready for your appointment. They will be wearing a mask and protective glasses or a visor. 

Once in the clinic:

  • Wash your hands with the disinfectant put out for your use.
  • Limit touching unessential objects. 
  • The therapist will take your temperature, ask you questions concerning COVID-19, and provide a discharge paper to sign.
  • The therapist will provide you with a medical procedure mask. It is required to wear a new medical procedure mask by both parties to allow the appointment to go forward.
  • The therapist will show you the area where you can leave your personal possessions. If it is raining, shoe covers are mandatory.  
  • The therapist will then ask you to go to the bathroom to wash your hands with warm water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. 
  • The therapist will open the doors for you and will start asking the required questions for your appointment while respecting social distancing. 
  • The therapist will leave the room. You must change in the marked area and then install yourself on the treatment table. 
  • The therapist will come back into the treatment room wearing a medical procedure mask, protective glasses or a visor, medical protection gown, shoe covers and gloves. 
  • The client must keep their mask on at all times. 
  • If the client needs to blow their nose or touch their face, the therapist will ask you to wash your hands with the disinfectant provided. 

After the treatment:

  • The therapist will use disinfectant gel on their hands, leave the room, and remove all protective equipment besides the mask and glasses. They will wash their hands with soap and water. 
  • The client can get dressed respecting the marked space for that in each  room. 
  • The therapist will invite the client to wash their hands.  
  • For payment, contactless card payments are ideal. No money will be accepted. Interac only.
  • Insurance receipts will be sent by email. 
  • Clients are invited to exit the clinic with as limited contact possible. 
  • The therapist must disinfect the treatment room and the reception area according to the norms set out.  There is a 30 minutes time slot reserved for cleaning between clients.


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